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The Better Homes & Gardens® brand is deeply embedded in American culture. The brand has served as an inspiration for all matters relating to the home for decades. Today it remains a well-respected, trusted source to guide consumers, young and old, in making a house feel like their home. Add to that our innovative technology and it’s clear to see how agents and brokers remain relevant before, during and after the real estate transaction.

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Whether you are new to the real estate industry or an experienced agent with years of vast knowledge, one thing will always remain the same, agents will need support staff to help them maximize time and productivity. In order to be successful in this ever changing and growing market you will need a team who supports you.

Here at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast, an award winning brokerage, our agents are our most valuable customers. With a passion for helping others achieve their highest potential, the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast culture is unlike any other. A full service team of experts will assist you and your customers through the transaction process and welcome you with warm embraces as members of our BHG family.

Ambrea Chatman
Ambrea Chatman tells about her experience with joining the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast brokerage and Live Love Destin Group.
Lisa Urdahl
Lisa Urdahl speaks about the culture and the reasons she chose Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast in Destin and why it just feels like ‘Home’.
Cara Griffith
Cara Griffith shares how she came to land on the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast doorstep and made this brokerage her ‘forever’ home.

PAIGE represents the core values of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Emerald Coast and they are the values that our agents strive to live by each and every day. Passion, Authenticity, Inclusion, Growth and Excellence (P.A.I.G.E.) where we have built a successful brokerage and continue to build an elite group of successful agents.

Passion is a key element into any business venture. It brings hope, positivity, joy and genuine excitement into every realm of your life and business dealings. Doing business Authentically means being exactly what we claim to be. Inclusion is embracing people across ethnicities, demographics, and lifestyles and drawing inspiration from all industries to catalyze innovation in real estate. Growth is what we strive for every day, in every way; from knowledge to skills to our contact lists; growth means to having increasing influence. Excellence is our north star and reminds us to give 100% to every endeavor to consistently exceed expectations.

Embracing the Future of Technology for Both Agents & their Customers

Our tools and technology are designed to help real estate professionals achieve a new level of business performance. What sets our brand apart from the competition is the range of resources we provide and the level of personalization available in each of these tools to help you connect with your clients in a meaningful way to build long-lasting relationships.

A Unique Perspective into People’s Emotional and Traditional Motivations for Buying a Home




Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has created a robust search and client management platform to meet the needs of our increasingly mobile, online, and dynamic world. With unique local insights and content generated by our network about neighborhoods, schools, and individual properties, our website helps consumers find not just the right home, but the right community that best matches their lifestyle. Far more than a property search website, our website and its accompanying consumer and agent apps empower real estate professionals to prioritize, cultivate, and develop leads to help boost their productivity and generate business.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the Perfect Medium to Deliver on our Strategy to be a Relevant, Meaningful Part of Consumer’s Lives

Social media is the perfect medium to deliver on our strategy to be a relevant, meaningful part of consumers’ lives. We are a leader in the real estate space for social media and consistently develop content and promotions to inspire, educate, and share with over 500,000 fans and followers. Our proprietary, all-in-one, BHGRE® Social Media Tool provides agents with top tier social account management, helping to aggregate and share relevant to your audience content, as well as listings on social media channels. It’s because of this deep understanding of social media that we are able to provide content, tools, strategies, tactics and even research and training that will help you take your social media marketing efforts to the next level.

Looking for a great start?

As a new agent, one of the most important considerations in selecting a brand is whether it will help you get your career started on the right path. New agents are attracted to Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate because we provide tools and technology that can help you fast-track your knowledge and skills. We also offer ongoing support and training to ensure you have a solid foundation for a long-term career.

We developed the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Business Building System to help you build your business and achieve your goals. This system includes business planning, business development, personal and property marketing, training and skill development, inquiry and lead management, and automated marketing campaigns.

Looking for the Next Level?

Seasoned Pros are attracted to our brand for a variety of reasons. We provide an association with a brand name that America knows and trusts, and the opportunity to be relevant to your clients and sphere of influence every day of every year – not just during the transaction window.

As a brand, we provide industry leading tools, technology, culture and education. Specifically, we offer more targeted direct-to-consumer marketing programs, new technology tools including mobile apps, social media management and advertising tools, digital marketing templates, blogs, a website that delivers an exceptional and innovative experience to online consumers, more quality referrals and corporate relocation leads.

Considering a Career in Real Estate?

Perhaps more than any other profession, real estate is the domain of the motivated entrepreneur. Real estate is led and dominated by savvy, talented people with a commitment to personal service and a drive to succeed.

If doing things you enjoy each day and earning a great income while having control over your schedule equals a fabulous career to you — then you are in the right place. Take some time to explore the many tools on our site designed to help you make choices to enhance your career.

TO LEARN MORE about the unique business model or to explore more about Better Homes andGardens Real Estate Emerald Coast submit your inquiries to:
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